Thank you for visiting my site! I am Queen Esther and my mission is sharing health and wellness with the world. I do that in a number of ways. I am a cook with a catering business, I work with doTERRA essential oils, use Color Street nails which are a healthier option than using ordinary nail polish and if you have not heard of a Helo yet, you have to see how this can help you on your health and wellness journey!


I grew up with natural remedies and had learned about essential oils along the way. When I found doTERRA and learned about their pureness, I made a permanent switch.

These oils are beneficial for so many issues both physical and emotional. You can go to my doTERRA store here. Contact me to learn more. I will share upcoming educational events here and you can join my Facebook group at ___


Esther’s Country Kitchen

Esther’s Country Kitchen began with my passion for cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients. I do catering for groups (size) or will prepare your Holiday meals. Baking is also a specialty of mine and if you need cakes, pies or cookies for home or for your business clients or employees, I have a sweet list of options. Visit my site here.

Color Street Nails

I love my nails! When I learned that ordinary nail polish was unhealthy, I quickly found a healthier option. You can find out more at my Color Street Nails site here.

I also have a facebook page¬†where you can keep up to date with all the latest styles and upcoming events where I will be. But you don’t have to be local to buy. Visit my site above when you fall in love, like I did.


When I saw the Helo, there was no reason to get any other health monitoring device. The potential of the Helo is amazing and growing. Since I am wearing my Helo, I feel safer knowing that if there are any problems that arise, the Helo will tell me. It tracks my mood and energy, my steps, calories burned and in case of an emergency, I can quickly and easily contact my family. To learn more go to my Helo website here.